NAMM came and went

It’s been a crazy ass week. I feel like I’ve worked what little ass I have off. Well it’s not entirely gone; I did check a mirror and twisted around to make sure it wasn’t gone, there’s still a little left. I finished a new song for a music library. That song is called “Hate to Say Goodbye”. It was a curious lesson in providing music for sound libraries – at least as far as the mixes and the different lengths they require. Sorta makes me want to pile more work upon myself to go back and create additional mixes for all my old catalog, so that if anyone else comes knocking I have it already done. Its one of those things that make me go HMMM…

Oh yeah, the band and I played the KeyClub in Hollywood last week. As I stated in the last post – we had a blast. It’s a damn good thing I video taped it. Over in the left hand menu you might notice a change to the Motion Pictures section. Why? Well, I thought those old videos had been around long enough. So I moved them all over to the Clubhouse and put up a single live 2 minute clip of “All The Things” from the upcoming “Practical Insanity”. I can’t wait until the album drops! You are free to watch this video clip over and over. It’s 2 minutes long and yes that’s what we sound like live without overdubs. (You might need to get Quicktime 6 to view it – but it’s free, follow the quicktime link if the video doesn’t play. It’s worth it).

Doh, I almost forgot… It’s NAMM week this past week. Chris and I spent all day Friday cruising around checking out the new gear and catching up with some friends we don’t see very often. Like Deirdre Weaver – the inventor of the Sumadek, or Rob Hill – the mix-master of Queen in Surround and Korn, Dave Smith & Phil Jackson of Apple, my friends at Dean Markley, Bela @ Native Instruments, Kellie @ Seymour Duncan, Bob Borbonus @ Taylor… Oh the fun never ends at NAMM, Dale Titus, Jimmy & Rick from Groove Tubes, K-Jo – Kristy from Sennheiser. Heck I even ran into my old roommate from MI, Andrew Cassidy who now owns a fantastic guitar store up in Canada – The Guitar Connection. I even met Mile Kennedy from Rockstar – the movie, he was a pretty cool dude. I’m excited to be heading back to NAMM on the final day of Sunday for a special invite presentation by Apple. I am an Ubërgeek and being the tech nut that I am, I’m honored that I’d get the chance to see this presentation.

Movie Pick of the Week: Blue Crush. I had never seen it, but I figured what the hell. Lots of skin, surfing and pretty people to look at. Actually the movie isn’t half bad. The surfing scenes actuallly feel quite realistic, but then I’ve never done more than body surf so what do I know. Kate Bosworth was fun to watch. The movie did drag in a few parts, but overall I enjoyed myself. It’s a good rental.