Video clips

Alrighty – It’s Monday do you know where you are? Slaving away at the job? Did you have a great weekend? I ended up working as usual. All so I could bring you new stuff for February and of course have more fun here at the website. Yes, if you haven’t been here in a few weeks, notice that there is a new video clip from the Key Club show, in the menu “All The Things”. Also, if you’re on the e-mail list I mentioned that there is also another video clip called “Tabloid Affair” which is now available in the Clubhouse. In fact, I’ll be posting a video clip in the Clubhouse roughly once a week, for the next several weeks. So stay tuned. If you’re not on my e-mail list, then join up and get access to the Clubhouse, its free!

Also new to those who are joining up after today. You’ll now receive an e-mail that confirms that you’ve been added to the e-mail list and have access to the Clubhouse. This is yet another one of those new website features that I’ve added. I also received a radio interview from a fan. I’m attempting to get all the parts to it before I post it on the website, but it will get posted.

Movie Pick of the Week: Coach Carter. I know, I’m late to getting to this movie too. But hey, I finally got to see it. I was instantly drawn into the story. Sam Jackson is on top of his game for this flick. I was also interested in this movie because of Rob Brown from Finding Forrester fame. The movie is much like Hoosiers or Miracle – actually its like a cross of the two. It’s a very good story about a Coach who comes into his old alma mater and turns a failing team into a team of winners. I was impressed by the change in each character, from the ‘bad boy’ type of f-you to a team that was capable of much more. If you haven’t seen this movie and can take some strong langauge then I definitely recommend this film.