NAMM and Apple

What’s up this week? NAMM.

I will be cruising around the NAMM event on Thursday and Friday. There is the outside possibility that I’ll go on Saturday but I’m not sure. I’ve been told that I’ll be able to do a little presentation about using Logic Pro for Apple in conjunction with Taylor Guitars. If you happen to be at NAMM maybe you’ll catch it.

I’m also awaiting word on whether I’ll be attending the Sundance Film Festival. I’ve been asked to help Bird York do some performances at Sundance. She wrote the theme song to the movie Crash from last year. I’m excited to do it, so keep your fingers crossed that it goes through. Bird is also an accomplished actor and you’ve probably seen her in several films and on TV.

Did you see Love Monkey, the new TV show on CBS? If not, I’ve heard it’s good. But there’s another reason to spend some time watching it. My Practical Insanity poster may actually be hanging on the wall of the office of the set they film. I don’t own a TV so I’ll have to rely on friends and fans to let me know if they see it hanging there. But that’s pretty cool eh?

In the meantime, I start the process of re-flooring “Claire” the bus today. That will be the last of the cosmetic things for the bus for a while. Otherwise, I’ll be digging into the engine thermostats and making sure they’re working before the next tour leg.