As an artist with a vested interest in being able to make money with my art I understand the push to help protect IP rights. I’ve seen the protests online. I’ve heard some of the rhetoric flying around. I’ve even been sent an email that have the talking points of an organization that approves of it and why. However, I personally have not read it. Been a little too busy to spend time doing so. While I understand why a bunch of sites want to “black out” today. I obviously didn’t.

I didn’t out of the fact that I can’t go based on hearsay from both sides. The only way to stage a protest is to be informed and sadly – I’m not informed on this matter. Which is why I’m posting about this today. I respect you for wanting to go dark if you want to go dark. I respect you if you stay lit with your site.

Until I know the facts I actually have to sit this one out until I get time to read it.

Peace and hopefully the right thing gets decided on this.