Beaming Like A Supernova

supernova studioHow do you write a tune about a Supernova?

A little like this. You play basketball with a bunch of guys who all work in the music industry. Guitar players, singers, bassists, drummers, mixers, etc. Jumping around pretending to be NBA type players. There’s a lot of shit talking and then saying hey, we should make some music. Such is the case for myself and Claude J Woods. We met playing basketball.

We started with a tune called Keep The Swagg Up – very Hip Hop. The second one we wrote was Whipped again more hip hop in nature. This time around it’s more of an urban pop R&B type thing called Supernova.

Step inside with me as I play you a clip of the song as I’m working on the mix.



Working on a song called: Supernova. And it
sounds a little something like this.

You’re more than a star
You’re beaming like a Supernova
That just blasted through my heart and took over


Have a great day!